PCRC Seminars: Narcissistic Abuse Awareness

(CPCAB Accredited)

PCRC Seminars: Narcissistic Abuse Awareness tickets


 Many sufferers of Narcissistic Abuse are unaware of the often violent and dangerous situation in which they find themselves. Their situation is compounded by the lack of awareness amongst the Legal and Caring Professionals with whom they come into contact.

This Seminar is intended to provide at least a basic working knowledge of the dynamics in volved in Narcissistic Abuse and the implications for the Victim/Survivors.

This Seminar will help you to:-

  • grasp the prevalence of Narcissistic Abuse
  • understand Narcissist Victim Syndrome
  • define Narcissism
  • recognise Narcissistic traits in Intimate Relationships
  • be aware of the particular difficulties in leaving Narcissists
  • understand why Victims keep going back to the Narcissist
  • recognise the signs of Coercive Control (now a criminal offence)
  • become aware of the issues regarding Child Contact arrangements

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